Internships and Work Experience

Voluntary, paid and virtual internships

Our internships will help you gain work experience, knowledge and improve your communication skills.  

“Beautiful experience that I recommend to everyone! Excellent organisation both for work and for host family.”

Zakia, 18

Why choose our internships

International Opportunities

Access opportunities from all over the world. Create new contacts and learn more about international businesses

Make your CV stand out

Internships add a point of difference to your CV and will help you get your dream job.

Flexible Learning

We always try to find internship opportunities that suit your needs. Most of our partners can offer flexible working hours.

Completion Certificate

A certificate signed by us and your supervisor will be issued at the end of your internship. Feedback and support will be offered throughout.

Face-to-Face internships in the UK

Our packages include: 

Mentoring, emergency contact, weekly meetings and feedback, accommodation and placement visit and certificate on completion. 

Sectors include: Retail, hospitality, tourism, marketing, administration, community projects, education, child care, web design, information technology and many more.

*For specific requests, please get in touch

Virtual Internships

A virtual internship is a great way to connect with international businesses with the flexibility of working from your own home. 

All our virtual internships include top-notch training from industry experts. 

Industries include: Marketing, digital marketing, web development, branding, design thinking. 

Paid Internships

Explore one of your favourite destinations whilst doing an internship. Learn a new language and improve your culinary skills in a beautiful destination in France, Spain, Italy, Germany or Riviera Mata. 

Click below to see if you’d be eligible for one of these programmes.

Additional Services

Social Programme

Find out more about our trips and excursions or get in touch for more information on activities to do whilst doing your internship. 


Host families provide safe learning environments to try out new words, get necessary phrases translated by your host and practice writing key words. 

Language Courses

Improve your language skills with one of our language courses provided by fully qualified teachers. Find out more about 1-2-1 or group lessons.